Undertaking a ‘credit check’ on your Sustainability Bank Account by listening to your key audiences is integral to ensuring your sustainability vision and activity remains aligned to their expectations and is responsive to their needs.

Research is critical to understanding what your key stakeholders think, how they view you and discovering what they expect you to do. It also allows you to understand the broader context in which you operate and to anticipate future trends.

Glasshouse has led qualitative and quantitative research in the UK and internationally. The team’s insight has shown clients how their organisation is perceived, given direction to their sustainability strategy and provided evidence for making the business case for CR and sustainability.

Research is just one of the tools we use for measurement and evaluation - an integral element of our work.  We set specific communications performance indicators, tailored to every client and campaign, which align with your broader business goals.

We analyse a wide variety of metrics for reach, recommendations and reactions, working with external evaluation systems and tools.  This ensures measurement is not just used to prove, but to improve your strategy.