Challenge Program on Water & Food

To launch a new series of Water Dialogue posters from the Challenge Program on Water & Food (CPWF), Glasshouse took over the CPWF Twitter channel and developed and implemented a relevant Twitter outreach strategy.


Glasshouse researched and identified online key influencers and analysed what they were sharing on Twitter, to inform a relevant outreach strategy.  This ensured that CPWF were interacting with key influencers in a way that suited their style and interests on this platform.


  • Within a week, Glasshouse reached over one million Twitter users including leading water charity, USAID and Microsoft Education.
  • Visits to the Water Dialogue posters increased, with the page becoming the second most visited on the CPWF website.

“We believe the social media outreach campaign for the dialogue posters was a success due in large part to the enthusiasm of Glasshouse for CPWF’s work coupled with their knowledge of ways to engage others through social media. It was a pleasure working with Glasshouse.” – CPWF