Has your business been hiding its ‘green’ light under a bushel?  Perhaps you’re just starting to define your CR and sustainability strategy, but are finding it a challenge to get internal buy-in or demonstrate the business case for it to investors?  Or maybe you’ve started out on your sustainability journey and want to tell your customers, employees and stakeholders about your goals and share your achievements?

Whichever challenge you’re facing, whilst reporting may go some way to demonstrating your response to sustainability challenges, it can’t inform or satisfy all audiences at the same time. Reporting+ is therefore needed – communications that engage, inform and influence audiences as and when they are making decisions that affect you.

Each organisation’s route to being a better corporate citizen is unique, requiring a tailored communications strategy. Glasshouse integrates information about your market sector, audiences, key challenges and broader organisational goals to provide the insight essential to define a bespoke approach. We then apply the rules of transparency and authenticity when creating messaging and an activation plan.

This ensures that your communications build trust in your organisation from the outset, have a greater impact and assured longevity, and act as a catalyst for action and advocacy from your target audiences across the piece.