At Glasshouse, we encourage all our clients to follow a policy of ‘full disclosure’ about their business practices in order to build up social, ethical and environmental ‘capital’ with their audiences.

We’ll work hard to ensure you receive the recognition, and develop the reputation, you deserve in the good times. Working together, we create clear and authentic communications that target your audience with the right information, at the right time and in the right format.

We’ll help you manage the bad times too; sustainability is a tricky business, and the smart organisations acknowledge when things haven’t gone well and work quickly and transparently to rectify problems.  At such times, the reserves of ‘credit’ we’ve helped create act as an insurance policy, keeping your reputational ‘stock’ high in the eyes of your key stakeholders.  Experience proves that brands are forgiven for their unintentional mistakes, so long as an open approach is retained.

Our ‘Rules of Engagement’: GLASS

We follow five simple rules to generate compelling communications:

Great content

Legacy programmes


Sharing all


We apply these rules to a strategy tailored to each client that is developed from in-depth audience and message profiling and draws on a core set of services. These include content creation to achieve engaging storytelling, accurately targeted internal and external communications outreach and research and measurement.

From the first steps you take on your sustainability journey to the achievement of your goals, Glasshouse has the insight, strategic thinking and tools needed to create, manage and maximise your sustainability capital, generate meaningful and impactful advocacy and ultimately, enhance your reputation.