We transform your social, ethical and environmental vision and efforts into
compelling, memorable communications that
bring your sustainability journey to life.

By doing so, we demonstrate the transparency of your organisation and operations, helping create trust, capital and advocacy amongst your audiences today, whilst readying you for the rigorously monitored world of tomorrow.

The days of corporate governance being shrouded in mystery are over; transparency is now not just expected, but demanded. We are entering a phase where ‘hyper-transparency’ about organisations’ social and environmental impact is needed to help customers and stakeholders distinguish the truth from the PR gloss.

Glasshouse has built its reputation on, and won awards for, helping organisations – from multi-national corporations, to SMEs, charities and academic institutions – be transparent about their sustainability practices.  We do this by creating crystal-clear communications to bring your sustainability stories alive.

But in this hyper-transparent world, organisations need to achieve a status beyond trust towards a more meaningful goal: one that leads an organisation to become a role model for corporate citizenship, and invokes genuine action and advocacy from its audiences. It is this that leads to lasting reputational and brand value.

We achieve this by managing your corporate reputation like a bank account – we take a ‘lifting the lid’ strategy and create clear and authentic communications that target your audience with the right information, at the right time and in the right format. This ensures you build up enough ‘reserves’ of trust to stand firm through both the good and the bad times.

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